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At New York Deli Pickle, we know the perfect pickle. Intimately. You see, pickles have been our family’s obsession since 1898. That’s right. Just pickles. Crunchy, juicy, flavorful pickles. And when you focus on one thing for over 100 years, well, you’re bound to get pretty darned good at it. Online Food Critic Ubereater rates our Kosher Dill as the "Best in Show" at the Lower East Side Pickle Festival, and it’s no wonder that it was also stated that our Kosher Dill was the best pickle he’s ever had.

Okay, we’re control freaks. But simply buying cucumbers would leave far too much to chance. We prefer the hands-on approach, working closely with select growers to raise the best cucumbers - from seed selection, until they’re ready to be plucked from the vine.

Then comes our two-step selection process. First, we choose only the freshest, finest cucumbers right on the farm. And we check them again for blemishes, color and texture once they reach us. If they’re not up to snuff, we will have nothing to do with them. They must be oh-so-firm, oh-so-long and oh-so-tasty, or they’ll end up in someone else’s brine. Call us snobs if you will, but you’ll thank us after you taste one of our pickles. As will your delighted customers.

From the vine to the brine, we keep our pickles cold. The minute our precious produce are picked, they’re hydro-cooled, sized and packed on ice. And here’s where we do things differently - we keep them cold as we transform them into tasty, juicy, thoroughly yummy pickles through the magic of our top-secret Old World spice recipe. Other pickle makers aren’t so rigid when it comes to keeping their pickles frigid. They actually heat them during the pasteurizing process, which breaks the freshness chain. Why, the very thought sends shivers down our spines.

In fact, our pickles are still cold until the moment we deliver them to your door. It’s our special deep Polar-Pak process, which seals in flavor and freshness, while keeping our pickles crispy, crunchy and downright chompable to the core - from the first sandwich in the morning, to the last sandwich of the day.

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